Despite the fact that it meant speed-shopping and running around all crazy-like and trying to find right side of the street parking at 8:45pm on a rainy street cleaning night, I went to back-to-back meetings tonight and took a good bit away from each. I was prompted to really think about the serenity prayer and how I can make it more a part of my daily life; right now, I honestly don’t even think of it outside of an al-anon setting. I have some ideas about how to connect it to my thought patterns, and if those don’t work, I can always get a tattoo somewhere conspicuous. :)

The second meeting focused quite a bit on gratitude. This is something I know a little about, having had long stretches of time when I was quite good about daily gratitude lists, but I’ve not been consistent with that in a while. So, back to it we go. I want to get to a place where I’m starting my day with gratitude, either instead of or in addition to ending it with the list, but that may be a sporadic occurrence until I get my child of the night habits under better control.

In no particular order, tonight I am grateful for…

Reminders that my struggles are not unique, and that others have been where I am and emerged stronger and healthier on the other side.

Plans for Lady dates and phone dates and street-strolling dates.

Joshua’s new worker.



What are you grateful for today?



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