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It’s been a while since I inundated you with my latest musical finds; there have been several of note, though the genres aren’t nearly as varied as usual. This is thanks to Spotify radio – unlike Pandora, where you can do a “QuickMix” that pulls from all your playlists, Spotify doesn’t have an option like that. What it does have that Pandora does not, however, is the option to save songs to a playlist and revisit them at will. So, there ya have it. And here we have a bunch of boys singing folks songs.

So often when I’ve looked at my phone to “thumbs up” a song, I’ve found it to be this guy. He has a really great variety of sounds, and his voice is pretty easily identifiable. Here’s a fun, upbeat one, followed by a slower, happysad one.



A band I can’t get enough of lately – this is probably my favorite song so far, but it seems like each new one I hear takes that spot from the last. Aaaaand, in the course of researching them while collecting videos to share here, I learned that they’re on a farewell tour right now, which ends on November 11 in Boston. NOT FAIR.


I heard this one for the first time yesterday, and I don’t know if he’s a spotlight artist or what, but every few songs was one of his. Love.


And finally, the man responsible for my discovery of all of the above – most, if not all, of these have played on my “Ryan Montbleau, 75 and Sunny” station. He has so many fantastic songs; here’s one of my favorites, perfect to send us into the weekend. Hope yours is lovely!




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