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I’ve been trialing DailyBurn for an in-home workout program and really like it – there are a number of different trainers with different styles and different specialties, but there are a few common themes, which include a call to set your intention for the session during the warm-up. After today’s workout, I was thinking about what it would look like if I set my intention for each task I perform throughout my days. Could “tasks” be turned into, I dunno, “activities,” if I made the decision to set a joyful intention for each one? This ties into the fact that a lot of what I’ve been doing lately to better myself has been in the mindset of doing it to myself, rather than for myself. Punitive energy has never motivated me; I don’t know how or why I expect it to be sustainable now.

I’m going to try to pay attention to how I feel about various tasks – household chores, meeting financial responsibilities, joyful movement – and inspect my reasons for dragging my feet. I’m optimistic and positive in most areas of thought, I don’t see any reason I can’t shift my thinking on these activities that add to my daily life. I’ll start tonight by setting my intention for my nighttime routine. It takes no time, and it’s setting myself up for a successful morning.




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