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My brain is taking the night off, so I will conclude yesterday’s post tomorrow. In the meantime, I am going to be in my bed by 10:30pm again, and hopefully asleep by 11:30pm again. The multiple wakeups throughout the night aren’t my favorite, but at least they’re not the anxiety-dream-prompted high alert bolts out of bed of a few months back.

Actually, I’m pretty rarely on high alert these days. None of the people in my day-to-day life create in me that hyper awareness, that need to be ready for crisis out of the blue, that has often been present. It’s kind of awesome not to always be in self-protection mode.

Since otherwise this will feel hugely unproductive, I am going to leave you with my to-do list for the next few days. Or at least part of it. Just the fun parts, really; you don’t care that I need to do laundry. Though one of the stories associated with that is fun. But I digress. The list :)

  • Follow up on the almost-vom-inducing email of Sunday night. From the correct email address this time, dammit.
  • Buy a zillion groceries because the boy has, once again, eaten everything not nailed down in the kitchen. And maybe a few things that were. But I do love payday grocery shopping; it makes for lots of awesome cooking over the weekend.
  • Repot my jungle plant wannabe. She is a beast and is taking over the living room; I went in to water her today and I swear she had wrapped a dime I’d left on the table in one of her little tendrils all nonchalant-like. Thieving lil plant.
  • Make an appointment with USM Admissions. My CCSF stuff is nearly all fixed, and I need to wheedle them into some reasonable exception to the HS transcript thing. I wonder if the admissions officer I’ve been emailing with is into cleavage. I will consider this carefully when planning my outfit.
  • Be excited for a visit from my lovely Femme friend Heidi! We have been online friends through her partner for a bit over a year, and are finally meeting face-to-face. No hurricane or winter storm this time, pleaseandthankyou universe!

Okay, so that last one wasn’t fun, but one can never pass up an opportunity to give a hat-tip to Hyperbole and a Half. Because that shit is just plain awesome.



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