The fact is, I don’t get enough of it. And as I am not free to work a schedule that accommodates my bat-like ways, I have to work extra hard to go to bed at an hour that allows me to get up without feeling like I just laid down. I haven’t yet figured out the best combination of factors to maintain this elusive new sleep pattern, but I also haven’t tried very hard. The thing is, I love nighttime. I love everything about it. Everything about nature feels closer and more alive in the relative quiet of night, thunder and lightning can hardly put on as spectacular a show during the day, the scents of flowers and cut grass and the ocean all seem tangible when they are not overpowered by the things we can see.

But, I need to be a better school night sleeper and that means I’m going to bed right now, aided by wonder drugs and a week of cumulative shitty sleep nights. This is gonna be awesome. Sweetest dreams, loves. Hey, does the emoji keyboard work here? Hmph, nope. Well it’s too bad, because I used very cute pictures to tell a story about bedtime for penguin. Now the world will be a slightly sadder place for the absence of emoji storytelling.

Um yeah, it’s sleep time.



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