Okay, okay.

Back to not being a mental lazy ass.

So, moderation. Not my favorite word.

Perfectionism. Okay, maybe this won’t be so hard after all. Because perfectionism is, by definition, a need for excess. So I’m kind of already giving myself permission to find a reasonable – moderate – place with all of the things I want to do perfectly or not at all. Hell, that practically wrote itself.

Expectations. This is an interesting one to think about because when it comes to expectations of myself, it ties in closely to perfectionism, but for expectations of others, I have often had high expectations but settled for, well, absolute shit. So maybe it’s about moderating how much I’m willing to let go of – moderation in an upswing as opposed to a decline from excess.

That is a completely half-formed thought, but I kinda like it.

I was reminded earlier tonight, and again just now, of an interview I conducted when I was hiring for an opening at Stormy. The guy was twenty minutes late without letting me know that he would be, so I’d already written him off, but I didn’t want to turn him away at the door. One of the questions about his work ethic prompted the response, “Well I don’t like to do anything half-assed, you know? When I’m given something to work on, I really wanna put my whole ass into it.” …..*crickets*…..

So, I will put my whole ass into developing the aforementioned musing. And in the meantime, cheers, cuz it’s thirsty Thursday and I’m working a half day tomorrow, if Bessie can slip-slide me into work for the first part in the “wintry mix” we’re expecting during the morning commute. Hope y’all are enjoying your evening; I’m off to make delightfully unproductive use of the rest of mine :)



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