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I’m being a lazy girl cuz I have the best company in the world, but earlier today I shared this with a Femme group I belong to, and want to share it with you, too.

Two years ago this weekend, I attended my last San Francisco Pride. Tonight, my amazing Femme friend Lisa and her son are flying into Portland to spend time with my brother and me. This is the woman who, when I told her my ex informed me at the 11th hour that she wasn’t going to move back to Maine with me, said, “What day did you book the truck for? I’ll be there.” And she was. Two years ago, she flew more than halfway across the country to drive back with me, dropping and rearranging her entire life for me. My other bestie Melissa flew the other half to meet me and drive the rest of the way home with me and my cats. This is Femme community to me: two women who love me more than anyone ever has or ever will, stepping up to take care of me in a moment of great need, without hesitation. Thank you all for the community we’ve established here, and may you all be as lucky as I am, to have not one but two brilliant femme sisters who are always there for me.



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  1. I don’t know Melissa as much as I would like to and am just getting to know Lisa but I appreciate their dedication to you. Everyone needs people like that in their lives to pick them up when the chips are down, I’m glad to know that you have some really great ones. ;)

    • And femmes aren’t my only wonderful supportive loving friends! Your ears should have been ringing earlier, sweet boi – I was telling Miss Lisita about how we met and how darling you are :)

  2. One thing I’ve learned from my recent situation is if you ever stumble, it’s overwhelming and humbling the number of hands that reach out to steady you and get you back up on your feet. I’m happy that you have that in your life also, friend.

    • So very true. This was definitely one of the most humbling experiences of my life, and I don’t think I truly understood, or maybe didn’t believe, how loved I was until I was lying facedown on the floor.

  3. Sweetie, you are as much my family as anyone physically related to me. Being friends with you has changed my life. You are amazing and inspiring and brilliant and hilarious and beautiful and sexy and a great friend and great sister-mom. I feel lucky for you every day xooxox

    • There I go crying again. I miss you, Melissa! Come home to me please :/ Then you can go back to being the sassiest smartest sexiest wittiest grad school student Philadelphia – and maybe even the world – has ever known. xoxoxoxoxo

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