Well, *rap.

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Sometimes you want to write a blog post, but your keyboard is slightly malfuntional beause the boy stole the one with all the working keys —- oh, oh, wait, he just reminded me (beause he’s reading oer my shoulder) that the keyboard is his, mine just happened to stop working when he stole my other peripherals to use on his omputer. So, it’s fun to try and find alternate ways to say things that inorporate words that utilie the three letters to the right of the left-hand shift key, but it isn’t always possible. So maybe I’ll wait until Merury omes bak around and I’e got a fully-funtional keyboard again.

In other news, some days are full of bitterness and disappointment and frustration and some nights are full of journaling and salt water and good talks. Reminding myself daily, hourly, minute-ly, that I am right where I need to be, in all areas of this wild and fortunate life I lead.



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