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I know Therapy Tuesday is a big hit around here, but it shall be therapy Thursday this week, which sounds way better and maybe I’ll ask Rich if we can make that a permanent change. I do love some good alliteration.

Just watched The Social Network with Joshua, then we both took quick showers and commiserated about whether alarms need to be set earlier for his asscrack of dawn o’clock followup appointment to make sure his spinal curvature hasn’t increased. Thankfully it actually seems to me, especially as he has spent more time out in the community and is regularly participating in phys ed and other non-sedentary activities in school and out, that his posture is much improved and his awkward stance is no longer the norm. But, best to keep an eye on things as he hasn’t entirely finished growing quite yet.

In other news, I find two things both amazing and disgusting. One: that cats (one cat in particular around here) have an uncanny ability to find the most obnoxious places to vomit. For example, the floor directly beside my bed on my side, and on the tasseled/knotted bit of the kitchen rug. Second, that one never discovers these prizes with one’s eyes, only with one’s feet. And when one is already rushing to get out the door.


Recognition for efforts made.

Whey protein. I love the energy boost, and am so glad not to be dragging ass every day at work.

Patience. I know it’s not my strongest virtue, but I have so few of them that it seems like a big deal that I have any at all ;)

The upcoming time change. Yay, lighter evenings!

The fact that, if I *had* had therapy today, I wouldn’t have had any pressing issues that came up in the last week. That’s kind of huge, especially during Mercury Retrograde… Now we’ve an extra two days to try to evade the crazytown, but hey, it could happen, right?



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  1. I empathize with you on the patience thing. Our ‘nephews and niece by choice” that grew up knowing us know one thing about me: “What is it I am not known for?” I ask. “Patience,” they respond – as they do whatever it was I’d told them needed doing. :)

    • *grin* That reminds me of a story my colleague told me yesterday about her granddaughter and how conversations go when there’s a conflict of interests: “Who’s going to win this? “You are…” “So are you gonna do as you’re told now, or waste a bunch of time arguing about it first?” “I’ll do it now.” Smart kids ;)

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