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As I was logging in to post here just now, I started thinking about the word “satisfying,” and its meaning. Without going to an actual dictionary definition, I consider being “satisfied” as the feeling you get when you have a need or needs met. More than contentment, which I think of as the absence of strife, it alludes to a process of taking action to fulfill an absence, a requirement. I don’t think it matters if you identify the need ahead of time – satisfaction can come even if you didn’t realize you were meeting a need through your action.

What got me on this train of thought is that I have had one of the most satisfying weekends I’ve experienced in a while. Brainstorming on my book idea worked my mind; rearranging my room and setting up my new bed frame worked my body; and spending time in my seaside nook reading, writing, and soaking in the sun and salt spray worked my heart. I am beat, but I am satisfied. And while the weekend was over too soon, as they always are (even when we don’t lose an hour), I’m ready for Monday, with its later sunlight and its fresh starts and opening my eyes from a new place, both literally and figuratively.

I hope you found some satisfaction in your weekend, as well. Here’s to Spring; may she arrive SOON!



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  1. Glad you got everything situated the way you’d like it, for now. That comforter looks toasty warm. Daisy says hello and all our kitties send purrs and head butts.

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