Yay, shoes!

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While they are not the Fluevogs I have had to stop myself from buying about 72 times in the last 24 hours (that would be these) [ETA: That link will now bring you to the main Fluevog clearance page because someone *cough* bought that particular pair], they are pretty rad, and I desperately needed them since I gave my last pair of kickass cross-trainers to Mom to use in rehab (she’s graduated from the wheelchair to the walker, woot!).

Since my phone and WordPress do not always play nice, you will have to click on my lil link to see the new kicks on Pinterest. Interwebz, do not try to thwart me. I will always find a way.

That being said, I need to tidy up my Pinterest boards now that I have a better idea what sorts of things I’m pinning and for what purposes. If you’re there and we’ve not begun following one another, lemme know, ditto if you need an invite, or an explanation of what Pinterest even is, followed by an invite :)

I also scored a clearance pair of ballet flats my sistafriend Lisita told me to check out; maybe we will have to wear them and be matchy-matchy one day when she visits me in just over three months!!!!! Ohmigosh, the wait, it is eternal.

Okay kids, that’s what mama’s got for tonight. Now to keep myself from buying those Canas and maybe read for a wee bit before bed :) Therapy Thursday tomorrow, woooooo!



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  1. I need an explanation, followed by an invite, followed by 3 more hours in my day so I can pin stuff. lol.
    OMG Thursday already?! Clearly I am behind in my own head.

    • *grin* Invite sent :) It’s essentially an Internet scrapbooking site – you create boards for various interests, and anything you come across online with an image, you can pin to the appropriate board. I like the way it’s organized, because unlike fb or tumblr or other blog or email type ways of categorizing, it’s not linear. The visual aspect makes it easy to recall things when you scan your boards, and clicking your pin brings you to the website where it originated.

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