As I was putting my groceries in the car tonight, I overheard a little quarrel coming from the car parked next to Bessie. I couldn’t hear what the small child in the car was saying, only the mother’s repeated instructions to get out of the car. Finally, her voice exasperated and with that “mom” tone you just don’t ignore, she said, “Yes, please do! The answer is 42, now COME ON.” I laughed out loud and was glad my head was stuck in the backseat at that moment. I finished up and saw the family walking toward the back of my car. The dad gave me a tight smile, and I said, “You know, I’m sorry, but I really have to tell you that I love that you just told your toddler that the answer is 42.” His smile widened, and his and mom’s faces both went from terse and tense to relieved at an excuse to laugh.

Okay, must run; happy Saturday night, all :)



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    • This totally made me want to read it again :) This is one of those references that I get when I hear, but I’d never think to make myself, you know?

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