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I said I’d blog about the bathtime photo shoot brainstorm I had this evening, so I suppose I had better.

Melissa gave me some Lush bath bombs for Christmas, and I finally decided to crack one tonight. Literally, as they’re the size of my fist, and I can easily get two uses out of each. Half of one was tossed into the tub, and the swirling colors and fizzing pieces propelling through the water mesmerized me until, by the time I actually got in the tub, I had to add more hot water.

As I was relaxing into the bath, the heat, the pressure of water against skin drawing the stress of the day, the week, the month, out of me, I turned over, as I usually do, and crossed my arms beneath my breasts. Through the rippling fuchsia water, I saw the semicolon tattoo on my right wrist, framed perfectly by my cleavage. If I could have captured that image, I would have in a heartbeat. Of course, with both hands underwater, there was no chance of that. Then I thought, How cool would it be if we had cameras built into our eyes??? and wondered, Is there already a sci-fi/fantasy novel with that feature? I thought of Olhado from Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide, but his was a “deformity,” not an accessory, not an option that comes with a trim level, which is how I imagined it in my .72 second spurt of creativity.


So, considering what I might like to capture with my camera-eyes if I had them, I moved in the water. I repositioned my hands, my arms, my breasts; I turned over and leaned forward to include my lower body, appreciating my curves, extending knee and ankle and toes. I enjoyed how the water felt like silk against my skin, the way the rivulets of color ran down my legs, how the bath bomb gave multi-colored, effervescent life to what was previously but a clear substance that somewhat distorted my body’s features.

It made my body beautiful.

And then I realized, my body already was. I just needed a lil hot pink and glitter to bring it to my attention.

And that is worthy of a photo shoot. So I’m gonna make it happen. Hopefully with the brilliantly talented Erin O’Neill, whose shoot with me for her Proper Sorrows series was an incredibly powerful and incredibly beautiful experience.

Happy Friday, loves. I hope you find beauty in yourself tonight as I did.



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