That was what a friend said on my Facebook post about my first ever banana bread failure, due to a slight misreading of the recipe. “Oops.” And while the goopy mess I took out of the oven felt like an enormous catastrophe and a waste of food and representative of every way I eff things up all the time… Really? It was not a big deal. There was no need for me to feel tears pricking the corners of my eyes or that all-too-familiar lump to form in my throat. Sometimes, all you can do is look at the imperfect product, find out where you went wrong, say “Oops,” and do better next time.

And you know what? The boy still wanted to try the not-quite-bread bread. Just goes to show that imperfection isn’t always scorned and tossed aside. There were still chocolate chips in there, so it couldn’t be all bad, right? I’m pretty chock full of chocolate chips too, even if sometimes I don’t have enough flour in me to rise and be fully-baked banana-y goodness. Half-baked will suffice from time to time.



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