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Family is such a loaded word, a loaded concept. It can make us feel warm and safe, or anxious and alert – usually each by turns. I’ve had a lot of reasons to think about family and what it means to me, what I expect from family and what I want to give to mine. I think I’m coming to a better place around it altogether, but there are still things that cause a twinge or a cringe or a total loss of center. I’m trying to take my power back from “family” – not the people, but the institution. In the last few days, I’ve taken a couple of big steps toward that, and you know what? The world did not end. I know I’ve said that here a couple of times before, but it’s worth noting that all of the shit I fear is far less likely to cause me harm in some way than I anticipate. Anyway, that’s my random thought for the evening, because I feel like I owe y’all something since I’ve been a super slacker while I’ve been soaking up these last few weeks of summer. Here are a few photos from the epic camping trips I’ve gone on the last couple of weekends, and you can look forward to another music post in the near future.

And here’s a play-by-play-ish series, though I have to say, I’ve not tried sharing facebook photos here and don’e know if it’ll even work because of my privacy settings. If it does, yay for you, if not, and if you REALLY wanna see ’em, shoot me an email :)

Salisbury, 2012



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