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I’ve been adding music to my Spotify library like crazy all summer; it feels so good to really get into music again, especially new genres and old favorites.

I’d never seen Moulin Rouge, for which I have been properly chastised, and it has been remedied. I wish I’d seen it on the big screen, but it was so, so much fun even on my tiny bedroom TV. I’ve also decided that I want to be a can-can dancer for Halloween, so someone needs to have a party. That is all.

I’ve also been reintroduced to the magic that is Rusted Root. I really enjoy some of their more ballad-y songs, but there are only a few videos on their “official” YouTube channel, and this is a fantastic song.

I hadn’t listened to Iron & Wine for a while; they came up on the Spotify Folk radio station and I was very happy to hear them again.

Joshua is a tough customer when we’re in the car when it comes to music, but he, Erika, and I were all quite content to enjoy the new Train album – this is one of my favorite songs from California 37. It’s pretty clear that the poor girl is frightened to death to be singing live on Letterman, and who can blame her; her voice is really strong and sweet on the album recording, though.

This was a top 5 song on CYY for a while; I know plenty of people say dubstep is crap, but there’s something super sexy about this sound, and his voice gives me chills.

And finally, a bittersweet discovery because it came after the artist’s passing – thisĀ will be a burlesque song if I ever get up the courage to take to the stage.

In other news, the job search is on in earnest; there are a couple of potentially amazing opportunities out there, and I’m just hopeful that things fall into place sooner rather than later. Fall is creeping into the air, particularly at night, and while I know we’re probably not going to have as mild a winter as we did last year, I’m determined to find ways to enjoy it despite my loathing of the cold and wet and mess. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the sunny days and the cool evenings, the shift to down comforters and soft jersey knit sheets, and the fun wardrobe items that are slowly making their way back into rotation. I hope you are all enjoying life in your corners of the world!



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  1. Determined to find little pockets of enjoyment in my world, the kitten…fresh sheets on the bed…my new ring…helping our friends who do cat rescue with litter and toys and food.Now please excuse me while I go kiss a girl. ;)

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