It’s one of those glorious Maine summer days during which you sweat when you’re sitting completely still. moving my thumbs to type this on my phone, as my computer has been haphazardly dismantled by the boy for parts to make his functional, is about all I’ve the energy for at the moment, and that’s a-okay.

It’s amazing to me the little things that show me how far Joshua has come in such a relatively short time. When he called yesterday when mom picked him up from camp, we had a real conversation, one that involved questions and answers and full sentences, playfulness and laughter and excitement. He’s always been a happy kid, but he’s growing into this engaging and more complex young man, one who maybe doesn’t express a typical range of emotions, but who is no longer limited to happy/angry. He’s wearing his tie-dyed camp t-shirt today, and seeing it compared to the one from last year is like he’s aged ten years in one as far as his gross and fine motor skills go. When I said I’d gone to camp while he was gone, he asked about it and didn’t just nod and walk back to his computer. These may seem insignificant to someone with neurotypical kids, but for an Aspie at his level, they’re huge successes.

The week off was absolutely needed, and I enjoyed every minute of my free time. I also realized, though, that I really enjoy Joshua’s company and missed him when I was doing things I know would have been fun for and with him, too. We’re a funny little family unit, my brother-son and me, but we’re a pretty rad one, I think. I’m glad the dude is home.



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