Therapy Thursday.

I’m going to make this quick because I’m immersed in my audiobook and can’t write and listen at the same time, though I wish I could. I think I gave Rich an “I am a rock star therapist!” moment when I told him that I’d gotten off the ol’ fb, and how it hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I expected. Then I got to have my “I am a rock star client” moment when I told him that when I reactivate my account, my use will be purposeful and have intent rather than not only a filler when I’m bored, but a way to keep up with, take care of, and be a “first responder” to every person on my friends list. He smiled his wide smile, the one where I can’t see his eyes anymore, and said, “I was just about to say that,” and it felt good to know that I am learning, and that my actions are a reflection of those lessons.

I also had a silly but somewhat serious hissy fit around the science of attraction – not just in a romantic or sexual way, but in all relationships. Like a stubborn child, I kept saying, “But WHY┬áis that the way it is? What’s the positive thing about these traits that are common among most of the people I’m drawn to? There has to be one, right?” I’m sure the poor guy was as exasperated with me as my high school teacher was when she told me that, as much as I hated science as a subject, I would have made a fantastic scientist, because I won’t settle for or stop at “That’s just the way it works.” To me, that’s the “Because I said so” of the scientific world, and that’s just a plain ol’ challenge.
Anyway, back to my audiobook (The Enchantress, book 6 and book the last in Michael Scott’s series that began with The Alchemist). I’ll leave you with today’s gratitude list.
The committee I’m on at work – we only meet every few weeks, but for the first time, I feel like a real asset to the organization.
The countdown to Lisa’s visit!



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