The time has come. I have finally decided to face my demons and excise a toxic component from my life.

I have deactivated my Facebook account.

I don’t know if I’ll reactivate it Monday, or next Friday, or on my birthday just so I don’t miss out on the 200 wall posts from people who wouldn’t remember if they didn’t have a little notification in the corner of the page. This is said without judgment, since I am shit at remembering birthdays, and shun the whole Facebook birthday thang on principle – if I don’t remember, you have the right to know it and chew me out for it (goodnaturedly). Fb makes it so you have no idea who would remember if the site didn’t make it easy. But I digress.

Mostly, y’all, I’m tired. So. Fucking. Tired. Tired of putting my own energy into tracking what others are up to. Tired of trying to be clever or provocative or vulnerable enough to elicit a few comments or “likes.” Tired of the bullshit drama that accompanies having a profile – no matter how “locked down” it seems to be.

I’m done. And honestly, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I resisted joining fb in the first place, finally doing so to keep in touch with folks back home in Portland after I’d been in SF for a while.

I’d really rather talk to you, friend. Text, email, phone – hell, maybe even face to face. Just you and me, and our relationship to one another, without any concern for how it affects anyone else.

Will you read this? Ironically, probably not, since you likely only see it through the links I post on Facebook – it hasn’t been the only source, but it has certainly delivered the greatest percentage of readers. But you know what? I’d rather ten readers who either seek out my page or stumble upon it and stick around than ten thousand who don’t get a damned thing out of it. So, to those of you who see this, thank you. You are why I’m here. Well, you and the fact that if I don’t write somewhere, I’ll end up either —- shit, business site. Right. Never you mind, carry on…. Ahem. Goodnight, dear readers. And thank you for being here with me.



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  1. I’ve left FB for long periods of time and after an initial sense of withdrawal, mostly during times of boredom, you don’t really miss it. At this point, I only read it once a day or less.

    Good luck, love. Probably a wonderful choice on your part.


    • Thanks, love. To be honest, I wish quitting smoking was as easy as quitting Facebook. I’ve been sleeping or busy much of the almost-24-hour period since I did it, and for a bit last night I found myself hitting the app, but have only done it once all day today.

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