Let’s get down to business.

I’m feeling pretty introspective with the personal work I’m doing this week in particular, and I want to write about some of it here, but I haven’t really decided on the context. In the meantime, my letter to the student vets should go out this week; I’m excited about that, and am really proud of the end product (thank you to my extra eyes – you know who you are!). I’m also meeting with a local business owner Wednesday to discuss a potential project for a new establishment in Portland, which is exciting on both a professional and personal level. Richard, bless him, mailed me another article from the Portland Press Herald, this one about licensing requirements that have been modified or eliminated for vets with comparable/exceeding skills. It’s great to see the ways the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation is working to get vets the credit they deserve and to see that they are valued for their expertise. Oh, and speaking of Richard, there was no Therapy Thursday because, well, there was no therapy Thursday. Which I completely spaced until I parked in front of his house and saw the note for UPS to leave packages on the porch. I thought we had already skipped the week he’d told me he’d be away – that’s how long the days have been feeling lately. But, I’ve already whined about that here, so I’ll leave you on a fun note: Friday, I won not one but TWO contests, one for a free oil change at Patriot Subaru (which I had just scheduled her for this week), and one for a new Mophie Juice Pack Air, just a couple of weeks after mine gave up the ghost. I never win anything, so this was an extra super lucky moment.

Now, off to do a bit of homework, then to start The Warlock, the fifth book in the Michael Scott series I’m reading. Since the readathon, I started and finished two of them, and since I’m on a roll and it was available from the library, I may as well, right? I also managed to find an mp3 audiobook that I’ve actually wanted to read for a while (damn you Apple for not supporting MWA!), and I’m going to put that on my phone to listen to at work.

Goodnight, dear readers. May your sleep be sweet and your dreams full of magic.



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