So I’ve been thinking about this page and what it represents. What purposes it serves, for me and for those of you who read it. What I hope it has the potential to become. And I’ve decided that I’m going to do a minor overhaul of Femme Flavor as it currently exists, but I don’t want to make it an entirely new beast. Yes, this is the “home page” for my professional work. But, in the same way that I make a point to take advantage of an opportunity to come out in a job interview (referencing a partner, using female pronouns for past partners – nothing more than a straight person would do in mentioning a husband/wife, except in that it does out me), in the same way that I do not make a conscious effort to hide my tattoos, in the same way that I interview my interviewers to feel out their acceptance of the ways I am often Other, I want this page to continue to be filled with posts about who I really am and what my life is really like. I will not pretend to be anyone or anything I am not to secure a gig. I will not wrack my brain for a way to avoid offending someone – anyone – whose views may oppose mine. I will not hide from the people who would use me against me. Because in the end, I do amazing work for everyone who asks it of me, and if someone knows something of who I am, and finds me – unsavory? they will look elsewhere.

I want to work with and for people who know what they’re getting. And really, who wouldn’t want to hire an honest, intelligent, witty, talented individual who isn’t afraid to push the envelope? If ever there has been a time when we must all take risks, particularly in our professional pursuits, it is now. And I know, as do those who have worked with me, that I have what it takes to make my clients unforgettable, because I am not afraid. So, bring it. If you’re ready to say, “I have nothing to lose, only everything to gain,” you are where you should be. Let’s work together to show the world what someone with confidence and capability and cojones has to offer. In the meantime, I will continue to write about the parts of me many readers have gone out of their way to say are inspiring or that they connect with or that they’re just glad are out there. I want to be a professional Person. It’s what I’m best equipped to be.



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  1. Will continue to support you along your journey whether in the employment field or elsewhere.

  2. I like that you call yourself potentially unsavory… so can i say tha tI find you savory? Nomnom… but seriously- as always, i’m proud of your honesty and bravery <3

    • I *am* pretty savory, aren’t I? More complex than sweet. An acquired taste. I’ll take it. And I’m so grateful for your love, Miz M. xoxo

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