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I’m making it. Slowly but surely. My apartment is tidier than it’s been in over two months. My under-eye circles are not quite the bruises they were last weekend. My mind is clearer than it was a minute ago, and clearer still than it was two minutes before that. These are all good things, for which I am grateful.

One thing I am quite sure contributed to this is that Joshua and I spent time out and about both days this weekend. I only took a few pictures yesterday because, really, you can only have so many pictures of Fort Williams before they all look alike. But my photojourney on Mackworth Island was a very different thing for me today, as it was only my second visit, and my first feels like it was years, not only months, ago.

To see some of the pictures I took today, please visit my Exploring Portland Pinterest board. There were some very powerful moments as I walked the path around the island, and I’m glad I documented it so I can reflect and write more as I’m prompted to do so.



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