Therapy Thursday.

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One of my favorite things about Richard is that he doesn’t make me carry the conversation all session, every session. Or even let me. He shares observations and insight and asks questions but gives them framework first. He heads me off if I start wandering into territory that I occupy primarily out of habit and not by choice. He brings things full circle when I’m struggling to bridge that few degrees of gap that would close it up and bring something key into focus. I never feel directed or coerced, or like he’s not listening – I feel like he has a really good read on what I need from him from week to week, and also overall, and works with me accordingly. It’s pretty awesome.

The weekend is fast approaching and I feel as though I’m forgetting something I’m supposed to go to or do, but as of right now, my plan is to spend as much time hanging with Joshua and reading as possible, hopefully outside for the majority of our daylight hours. As for tonight, I’ve run errands and cooked and cleaned and done dishes and checked homework, and now I am going to – c’mon, guess. Yep, it is book time for this girl. Happy Thursday, everyone!



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