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I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes, trying to come up with a subject for the blog post I don’t even know how to write. Sometimes there are either too many words, or too few, and when I can’t decide, I elect for the latter here, and dump the rest elsewhere. I can say with absolute certainty, though, that I had a wonderful evening with a new friend, someone I believe is going to bring so very much to my life, and for whom I hope I can also be a source of beauty and joy and comfort and strength.

I’ll leave you with a quote she shared with me from the first time she landed in our fair city, what the cab driver who brought her from the airport to a hotel said to her when she told him she’d just gotten here and didn’t know anyone: “Broken angels come to Portland to heal.” This resonated so deeply for me, and not only for myself. Though this city sometimes feels as though it is full of demons and is far too small to hold them all and sometimes they spill all over and cause so much hurt, I do believe in the restorative power of our little ocean town and the love one can find here if one is open to it. This particular angel has returned on a mission to help others heal this time around, and I feel very fortunate to already be under the protection of this self-proclaimed Guardian Angel of Femmes. :)



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