Breaking even.

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I’m not sure why, but weekends tend to elicit super extremes of emotions for me. I seem to usually have one day that feels so good on lots of levels and the other is full of yuck. Sometimes there are reasons for the yuck, but not always. I think maybe it is my Gemini nature.

Speaking of which, I heard this song yesterday and decided I was going to dedicate it to myself. I’ve heard a lot of messages about self-worth this week, and this seemed a fitting anthem. I’m glad I remembered that just now, because perhaps it is just the thing to combat the yuck. Well, this and a fistful of Aleve and my heating pad cow. And maybe this giant bag of Cadbury mini eggs I bought on clearance.



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  1. *mini eggs* drool…….I went to CVS to search for cream eggs after Easter because I love them and they had none. I was sad. :(

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