It’s okay not to.

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When I’m faced with a challenging situation, I tackle it in a variety of ways until it is either resolved, changed, or no longer exists. This is how we’re supposed to do things, right? Keep coming at it, try a new tactic, muscle through, sneak attack, ignore the burn. Persistence is valued, because everyone wants to see results.

One truth I have held as a very important reminder for many years is this: Choosing not to act is as active a choice as choosing an action. If we actively choose to do nothing, there will still be results. And we have as much of a role in those results as we have if we choose to do something. I used to use this as a way to force myself into taking action rather than letting things happen as they would naturally, without my active intervention. But I’m beginning to realize that choosing not to act is sometimes the right thing to do, or at least an okay thing to choose. I don’t always have to be doing something, or feeling guilty for not doing something. I can feel good about choosing inaction. Choosing to be still. Choosing to let the universe – and other people – out of my little circle of attempted control. I do not always know best. I do not need to guide or counsel. I do not need to push myself so hard to “make” things happen. They will anyway. And that’s a good thing.



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