I frequently remember my dreams right after I wake up, but lose most of the detail within a short while. Often, though, a particular piece will stand out and pop into my head repeatedly over the course of a day. Last night, I dreamed about books. I know this probably sounds like something that happens to me all the time, but it’s actually not :) Someone was talking, a woman with a gentle voice, and we were looking at a stack of books – I could see each one and knew every title on the pile. They were books I’d been thinking about earlier in the evening before bed, so that made sense. The woman talking read them off as if she knew the circumstances surrounding how each book was obtained – said something like, “Oh, and look, here’s the one that so-and-so gave you that you loved so much,” and then said, in a tone that held much more than the words, “You should read this one.” The book she pulled down is one I’ve been resisting the urge to re-read because I’m in the middle of a series right now, and it felt almost as though I was being given permission. What was interesting was that I wasn’t entirely sure she was talking to me; it felt as though she may have been talking to someone else and I was an observer.

So, I can’t remember ever having gotten a reading recommendation from a dream, but I’m going to roll with it. Stranger things have happened for reasons unknown to me at the time.



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