New Resolve.

I feel like life is a series of decisions, attempts, failures, adjustments, more attempts, small successes, huge failures, more attempts, and, eventually, acceptance that this is the way it goes. I am learning acceptance. And even that will likely involve many attempts and failures before successes, but that’s okay, too. Without the attempts, there cannot be success, and without failure, we cannot grow. I sure am growing a lot these days :)

Today I am setting many goals. Some I can complete today, and others are longer-term. The first one is to make myself a fun notebook covered in and filled with stickers and glitter and happymaking things. I am going to celebrate my successes there, and not dwell on failures. Or, as I will choose to think of them, “Successes I have not yet achieved.” Every morning, I will plan to spend fifteen minutes welcoming and preparing for the day, and every evening, I will note the successes, small and not-so-small, I have achieved in that day. There may be days when I feel that the only successes I have managed were not to commit a crime, yell at Joshua, or die in a fiery automobile crash. But I’m a pretty word savvy kid, and I’m sure I’ll find ways to spin those into positives. If nothing else, coming up with creative phrasing will be fun and silly and end the day on a high note, right?



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