Therapy Thursday

Therapy continued well into the night, as my homework was to go home and sleep. Which I did, for nearly twelve solid hours. One of the things I hate about being as tired as I have been for the last week or so is that I have a harder time remembering what Rich said during my session, which makes it kinda hard to apply it in the coming week. One thing we obviously talked about is taking care of myself, recognizing the amount of energy I put out into the world, and making replenishing activities – like sleep – more of a priority. Not just physical energy, though, but emotional energy that needs refilling. I’m excited to get my bike this weekend, and to get her all fixed up so I can toodle around the West End on my metallic purple beach cruiser with its white hibiscus flowers. I would like streamers and a basket, but they can wait, I suppose. I’m also spending a lot of friend time this weekend, which is awesome – Chris Pureka at One Longfellow tonight, a coffee date, a lunch date, potentially a dinner date, and a drinks date tomorrow. Sunday will be my day of rest, and after all that, I am gonna rest SO HARD. And maybe start the task of creating templates for my hourly posts for the readathon – it’s only three weeks away!

I hope everyone’s Friday and weekend is stellar; what’s on your agenda? Anything good?



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