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I feel like I’ve not stopped going going going for about a year, although it’s really only been a couple of weeks. I have so much crap to do at home, but first, I’m going to take an hour to just be. I’ve been letting life propel me, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s starting to feel less like a lazy river and more like a rushing current. And I’m not that strong a swimmer just yet. Though I suppose recognizing the need to slow down, take some time to reflect, and strike out armed with preparedness and purpose is a good change from past practices. I can’t promise myself catharsis or enlightenment or some major revelation, but I can be kind, loving, and forgiving; being hyper critical of myself doesn’t encourage me to effect positive change, it just makes me feel like a failure. And if there’s anything I can look at the last year in particular and know that I am not, it is a failure. So, on to celebrating successes small and large, and setting myself up for more today and each day moving forward.

Right after I browbeat Joshua into finishing his Science homework.



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