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I started this post at the beginning of the month and never got around to doing anything with it because my old computer is a delicate flower and trying to search for multiple types of media and add links and compulsively check all my tabs and also actually be listening to music made her a little cranky and foot-stompy. My new computer is a bit of a showoff, and I think maybe she’s daring me to push her, see what she’s made of.

I sometimes identify with each of them. But that is for another post altogether.

So, music. I never listen to music arbitrarily; it is always intrinsically tied to my thoughts, my mood, what’s going on in my world in any given moment. Lately I’ve been actively searching out a lot of new-to-me stuff, listening to a select few songs in a constant rotation, and also remembering and enjoying some artists and songs I’ve not heard in a decade or more. I’m going to publish this with just a list for now, and will keep the edit page open to add links, YouTube videos, lyrics, whatever jumps out at me as I geek out and play with my new toy. I think she needs a name. Maybe Sarabi.

I’ll start with just artists, and will hit specific songs in edits:

Florence + the Machine

I’d stuck to Shake It Out for a long while, then when I started using Pandora to prompt ideas for my Spotify library again, this one really captured me.

Lana Del Rey

I was turned onto Lana Del Rey when I was stalking the staff of researching Dispatch Magazine – Robbie Kanner had tweeted about her new album due the next day, and from the minute I started listening, I was hooked. Definitely one of my new favorite artists. I don’t really love any of the videos on YouTube, but Lolita and Off to the Races are two really fun ones from her latest album, Born to Die.


This is one of my comfort/torture songs. I have many. I do love it so.

Amos Lee

I knew and loved a couple of Amos Lee songs for a few years before I really started listening to him, just last year. A friend and I went to see him at the State Theater on his Mission Bell tour and he rocked my world. This is a great twofer – Street Corner Preacher is a funky, fun track, and Windows are Rolled Down one of my favorites from the new album.

Regina Spektor

I really loved her sound when Fidelity came out; a good friend introduced me to her and we both enjoyed how, unlike many pop artists, she truly uses her voice as an instrument. This song is a great example of that, but mostly what I love is the overall feel of the music and lyrics together; it puts me in mind of the easy fun of loving companionship with someone who is in tune to your own personal brand of randomness nobody else can quite keep up with. It makes me smile.


Ellie Goulding


Kate Nash



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