Oh hey, Mercury.

Man, getting up that hour “earlier” this morning sure sucked a whole lot. However, it was absolutely made up for when I left work and knew we still had close to two hours of daylight-ish left; I came home, changed into my sneakers, grabbed a water bottle, and went for a nice long walk. I sign Joshua’s BHP’s paperwork on Mondays, so I wanted to stick close to home so I could spend as much time walking and as little getting to and from somewhere to walk as possible, but tomorrow I may change it up and head to Back Bay, or maybe Willard Beach. I’d like some new locales to include in my photojourneying on Pinterest; you can see the pictures of random things that get my attention on my walks on my Exploring Portland Pinterest board.

Mercury in Retrograde is always a bit of a rough time for me, but usually my malfunctions are more of the interpersonal communication variety and less of the technology glitches. This time it looks like I won’t even be spared those, as my new Facebook page has disappeared from my admin panel in my app, so I can only post there from a computer (and actually, I haven’t even tried that yet, so I may be speaking too soon). Not to worry though, we’ll get it all figured out somehow, and if nothing else, it should all work again once Mercury comes out of his snit :)


Evening daylight!!!

Delicious culinary discoveries.

My lovely friend Jenny and her generosity with her time and talents.


New adventures.



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