I know most of you are nerds just like me, and you love all those newspaper puzzles that rely on your word love to solve. So, here’s the cryptic note my heavily drugged sick self sent myself as I was falling asleep last night to serve as a writing prompt. I have a vague idea where I was going with it, but I want this to be a sort of, build-our-own-adventure post. What thoughts come to mind when you read this? I’ll come play in the comments :)

“Leaving angry Ani behind us, resenting her for growing with us. Opposite rships; resent them when they don’t?”



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  1. let her and let ourselves become who we are becoming regardless of what outdated versions of all of ourselves would have to say about it.

      • our current selves are not moved much at all by her current self but we are happy for her. present/infant was pretty recent and i dig that… but she used to be LIFE.

        • Jamie, I heart you :) Would you please step on my pillow to wake me up and introduce to me, at 6:12am, the amazingness that is fritos used to scoop Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream? It still amazes me that you were not high when this happened. Also, lyrics without music. <3

  2. I have been thinking about this very subject this week! I listen to early Ani like comfort food. It reminds me of college and shaved heads and really really fucking excited about the world…a good time to remember. But it leads to the question: what happened? I stopped being interested when tickets went up to $40 (it was a few years ago), and when the music started sounding overproduced, and she’d forget the song lyrics in live shows.

    • Jen, that’s just it – do we resent these artists for evolving, which makes us more critical of their later work? Or are our gripes legit?

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