Joshua’s First Post

You know me, I am Joshua, aka Chaos/GtA so lets just get on with it.


Hey everybody its Chaos/GtA/Joshua

I mainly will use Chaos in my introductions -_-


So first, how I got into making videos.  I got inspired to make walkthrough videos by Chuggaaconroy; he is funny/awesome. Also my inspiration to make movies in games is my friend, whom I will not name. My newest project is Leatherface Revival, which is my movie,  and after that, it’s my walkthrough (see trailer below).  So yeah, it’s great to see you and peace out.



Post by: Joshua/Chaos/GtA


Twitter:  RGE_Chaos

Youtube: gtaivmanhelper

Dailymotion:  Chaos4Life



And, click here for the trailer of my walkthrough




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