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Moving is such a weird experience. Right now, I’m just moving my office, from this cubicle to a new, slightly less cubicle-y cubicle in a new building. But in the year I’ve been here, I’ve created a little timeline of stuff – cards and quotes and flowers and drawings and stories and one stuffed pink flamingo. What’s interesting is how I react to each item as I contemplate its fate. Some things go in the trash without a second thought, and good riddance, but some of them require quite a bit of thought – not about whether or not to toss them, that never crossed my mind – but where they will go from here.

I could re-create what I have here, using the same things that have been on my cubby walls for however long I’ve had each one. But I could also bring those things home and start with a clean slate. It seems like a silly thing to spend so much time considering, but it’s representative of a whole lot more than cubicle design – it’s about moving forward, letting go. And, the part that makes those hard to do sometimes: it’s about believing that new artwork and flowers and stories will fill the walls before too long.

So, I’m going to take my treasures home and look forward to the first one that will find its way to my new office. It’s like… a birthday, except not knowing which day it’s on! Wheeeeee, so exciting. Happy Friday, all :)



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