So, I’ve had my first failure to post within the 24 hour period of a calendar day. BUT, I had good reason, as Melissa is visiting and we, per usual, lost track of time and rushed out the door to Ian Harvie’s amazingly funny show, Superhero, at Portland Stage. We followed it with nibbles and beverages with some great friends, and then a trip down memory lane with a visit to Styxx. Home now, listening to folk ballads and enjoying the transition from stockings and 4″ heels to yoga pants and slippers, and reflecting on a day that has been pretty perfect from start to finish.

I really want to give my last “letting go” post the time it deserves; I saved it for last because it is the most complex, and will likely be the most challenging for me. So tomorrow, I will double the fun and post about both my final item to release in 2012 and tell you about the ritual itself and why I assigned each item to the element I chose.

To those of you reading, thank you for being part of my journeys, both my worldly journey toward my immediate writing goals, and my emotional and spiritual journey toward my lifelong goals. Knowing that you are along with me makes it so much more worthwhile. Much love to each of you.



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