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I’ve been contemplating a breakup – or at least a step or five back – with the ol’ fb for a long while now, and while I may not completely wipe my timeline and deactivate my account anytime soon, I was reminded last night that Google+ has introduced me to some very cool people I’d like to connect with more regularly.

I also got EverPress working partway. For some reason it only posted most of my note, so I guess I need to see if there’s a character count limit. Honestly, it may make more sense to only use it for posts that share other people’s content with a brief comment from me than to create full original posts; when I’m on the go, I can always create a note to refer to when I’m back to my WP draft at the computer.

Today’s lead: Google+ is an excellent resource for tech news, fresh social media and marketing ideas, and meeting the kinds of people who promote and run organizations and businesses I can get behind. I’ve created my Femme Flavor page and will develop it once I have all the necessary pieces; I want to create a solid brand presence, and part of that is consistency with the things that people associate with a brand, like the logo and tag line. I’ve also reserved @FemmeFlavor on Twitter, and will probably suck it up and create a page on fb even though I’m loath to give myself a work-related reason to maintain a presence there.

Today’s home office prep step: Does bringing my baby French press home from work count? :) They finally started ordering French Roast, and while it’s not quite as good, it’s good enough; I can put my home coffeepot into the occasional use appliance category, which frees up space on the microwave for the crock pot. Because we all know what happens when there’s nowhere to put the crock pot.

 Today’s brainstorm: I haven’t had one yet. I guess that’s okay. Since I’m shifting my posting time to earlier in the day, I may have to start sharing those in a separate post because I am a lil bat and I think best late at night. I’m going to try to post on my lunch break during the week and midday on the weekends for a bit, with an ultimate goal of – eeek! – morning writing. I’ve never been a morning person, but I know from past experience that when I get up earlier and accomplish something before I even head out the door, it really sets the tone for my day in a positive direction. So, we shall see how that goes :) If nothing else, the nighttime brain stuff will still be waiting for my bleary-eyed morning self and I can always edit out the sleepy later in the day.

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