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I didn’t have anything to say today, because I was struggling with some pretty intense personal shit and wanted to tell the world to fuck off. From oversleeping this morning to physical ailments to having to follow through on social commitments I wished I’d not agreed to, blogging was just not something I was gonna fit in, and so what if I didn’t.

But I know that if I skip a day, I can justify skipping another. So, I’m writing. Because I said I would write something here each day – I never said it would be worth reading.

Today’s lead: The Forecaster. Don’t know much about it yet except that it’s been around for a while and covers all of southern Maine.

Today’s home office prep step: I brought in the rest of the crap I bought that will make rearranging my bedroom a little bit fun and not just a chore. This is pertinent because my home office is in my bedroom.

Today’s brainstorm: I bought my membership to the Barefoot Writers club. Gonna spend some time this weekend reading the introductory reports and taking notes.

So there.



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    • Sair, I honestly can’t begin to tell you what your comment means to me. You not only made it worth having dragged my ass over here to post, but made me feel sheepish for thinking it’d be okay not to. Thank you. Truly. I needed this.

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